Indian Mountain and Wahtum Lake Explorations

During my trip along the PCT to Indian Mountain two days prior I was emersed in a drenching cloud, yet from the rocky slopes at the far point of my run on the slopes of Indian Mountain I could feel the expanse around me.

Thus, time to return for the clear views. This time I took the Wahtum Lake Road and proceeded beyond the lake to the now defunct, unmaintained Indian Springs Campground. From here it was less of a third of a mile southbound on the PCT to the Indian Mountain Trail where I had turned around earlier in the week. With clear blue skies I headed uphill to the boulder strewn summit and a open view of the south side of Mt. Hood. I spent the rest of the day exploring the myriad of trails around the Wahtum Lake area, taking the PCT past the lake and then up to Chinidere Moutain, then North to Rainy Lake and looping up to Green Point Mountain for views east toward Mt. Defiance. Total distance for the day was 26.3 miles with 3700 feet of elevation of exploring the forest and lakes.