Mississippi Head and Beyond

This route was a repeat of one of my favorite Mt Hood hikes from last year where I went to Paradise Park from Timberline Lodge and then traversed up and over Mississippi Head, the prominent cliff above Zig Zag canyon. This time, instead of heading up the first ridge in Paradise Park, I proceeded to Split Rock and headed out beyond to the edge of the vast canyon, the headwaters of the Sandy River I hugged the canyons edge while climbing up to cross over above the cliffs and then head down to perch on top of Mississippi Head. From there I kept climbing, following the ridge on the edge of the Zigzag glacier. I came across some pieces of sun-bleached lumber debris, maybe parts of the fire lookout cabin that used to be on the mountain summit? I continued gaining elevation until I came to cairns and more worn paths of the climbers route, and ascended up, rising above Illumination Rock and looking down on the rock strewn surface of the White River Glacier. I continued meandering up till just past 10,000 feet before I began descending. I followed the edge of the White River Glacier, going down to investigate the glacier on my way back to Timberline.