Wygant Natural Area and Beyond

Wygant Natural Area seems to be one of the less popular routes climbing up the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. From the trailhead for the much more frequented Mitchell Point, the Wygant trail heads west and then starts to climb up the hillside. The trail has so many switchbacks, it never feels particularly steep, especially compared with other Gorge trails, but it means the going is a bit slower. There are some lovely viewpoints poking out of the forest on the way up. After a weekend of sun, it was pleasant to see a blanket of clouds layered over the gorge, and as I ascended upwards I entered into the clouds and wind for a brief stop at the viewless Wygant peak. Not interested in returning the way I came up, I pressed on, making my way down the trail beyond, which is covered in places with piles of branches to deter bikers and motorists from ascending on the trail. Just after exiting the Wilderness Area I found my way down the old Perham Creek Road and onto Post Camp Drive, then from the Staging area up to the follow the powerlines back to Mitchell Point. Lots of great blooming succulents to be seen right now.