Lyle Cherry Orchard

Lyle Cherry Orchard, just past the tunnels east of Lyle, Washington in the eastern Columbia River Gorge is a lovely climb from the river up into the oak savanna of the hillside. A few old remaining cherry trees from the long-abandoned orchard dot the top of hills lending the place its namesake. This spring, a new segment of trail there opened up the western section of the property, introducing hikers to outstanding views looking into the Gorge and out over Lyle. The new trail segments twists through the oak forest, popping out onto viewpoints and finally descending the open hillside above Lyle in a spectacular fashion. I already loved the dry, grassy and oaky terrain here, and this new section is easily one of my favorites in the gorge now. Read more about the new section and the great work done by Washington Trails Association here.

More Adventures

More Adventures

Utilizing Lidar in Mapping Trails

Using Lidar Data for Mapping Trails Lidar (light detecting and ranging) is a technology that uses lasers to reflect light off surfaces or objects to create digital three dimensional recreations them. It can model environments in stunning detail. The Oregon Department of Mineral Industries has a collection of high resolution Lidar data covering much ofContinue reading “Utilizing Lidar in Mapping Trails”


Chehalem Ridge Nature Park

Chehalem Ridge Nature Park It’s not that often that an entirely new park is added to the inventory of places for recreation, but with the opening of Chehalem Ridge Nature Park, Metro has added 1,260 acres and nearly 7.5 miles of trails to explore. The park is open 8 am to 7 pm for hiking,Continue reading “Chehalem Ridge Nature Park”


Cartography at Old Maid Flat

Cartography at Collecting Data in National Forest Lands I’ve been spending time exploring the Old Maid Flat area on the western side of Mt. Hood as part of a project for PCC’s GIS Certificate Program, exploring the use of ESRI’s FieldMaps app for collecting and utilizing GPS data. The app premiered as an evolution ofContinue reading “Cartography at Old Maid Flat”


A Lookout Mountain Night

A Lookout Mountain Night With the potential for Aurora sightings south into Oregon due to the coronal mass ejection on the sun earlier in the week, I headed out to try and get some views of the northern sky. My plan was to head in the late afternoon to High Prairie trailhead east of MtContinue reading “A Lookout Mountain Night”


Coe Glacier as Winter Draws Near

Coe Glacier as Winter Draws Near With significant rain forecast for the northwest, I wanted to get back to the north side of Mt Hood to check out a few areas before more snow fell on the mountain. On this sunny morning at Cloud Cap Saddle, the outside temperatures were just a bit above freezingContinue reading “Coe Glacier as Winter Draws Near”


Stadter Buried Forest

Stadter Buried Forest and the Lost Creek Headwaters I learned a good lesson on this trip, and that is that my camera will pretend to take photos and only announce that the storage card is not there on the back view panel, which I never look through. So time to keep a spare SD cardContinue reading “Stadter Buried Forest”


To White River Glacier

To White River Glacier Wandering White River Pt II. After exploring the lower sections of the White River on Mt Hoods southern slopes, I was headed now up to its source- the White River Glacier that stretches from around 10,000 feet down to around 7000 feet in the valley east and above the Timberline LodgeContinue reading “To White River Glacier”


Wandering White River

Wandering White River on Mt Hood Part I. The White River begins on the south slope of Mt Hood from the terminus of the White River Glacier as two branches separated by a moraine that stretches down the mountain, widening and flattening at an area known as Mesa Terrace.  Ancient Trees from a forest buriedContinue reading “Wandering White River”


Ho Rock and Snow

Ho Rock and Snow With the first measurable rainfall in months coming to northwest Oregon this past weekend, several inches of snow fell on Mt Hood. Excited to see snow return and crisp fall conditions up high after a dry and hot summer, I headed up the way to McNeil Point from Top Spur Trailhead.Continue reading “Ho Rock and Snow”


Seeking Water on the Dry Side of Mt Hood

Seeking Water on the Dry Side of Mount Hood For mapping the Timberline Trail route around Mt Hood as a summer hiking map, part of my process has involved ground truthing the hydrology to try and give a much better portrayal of where water may be found while hiking in summer than the current maps.Continue reading “Seeking Water on the Dry Side of Mt Hood”