Blending many years of backcountry and wilderness experience with cartography and geospatial skills, through Elevation Changes Cartographic I am dedicated to helping enhance the experiences of visitors to our natural lands.  Seeking to embrace and appeal to an audience of both old school experienced map users from the days of USGS quads and compasses, to new wilderness visitors that may have only experienced maps on phone apps, Elevation Changes Cartographic maps are designed to be beautiful, accurate, informative, and easy to use.


I want my maps to be engaging and inspire users, especially those who may have never been physical map users before, and have only been recently introduced to trail maps through the internet or phone apps.  I hope you will enjoy pouring over them at home, planning routes, envisioning adventures, and becoming excited about the geography and geology of the landscape, and utilizing out on the trails to have safe, enriching journeys.  With my maps I seek to connect users to the natural lands they are setting out to explore, to make them confident in their interactions out there, and caring, invested stewards with a greater sense of place.  My maps aim to be highly useful and yet beautiful representations of the landscape.


I create my maps using the latest available geospatial resources like LiDAR derived landscapes where available, combined with extensive field observations and verifications and careful analysis of high-resolution imagery to provide and present real knowledge of hydrography, campsites, trail and road conditions and stellar viewpoints.


Follow my adventures in the Elevation Changes blog for stories and photos of explorations of the Pacific Northwest, and cartographic updates. Located near Portland Oregon, Elevation Changes Cartographic is one-person operation working on bringing you the best maps for your hikes.


Thank you for visiting, and thank you for supporting small, local, and inspired cartography.

Long days, pleasant nights! -


James Wilson,


Elevation Changes Cartographic LLC

Based just outside of Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest


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