Paradise Park Mt Hood Flowers

Paradise Park, Mt Hood Wildflower extravaganza Mount Hood Pussypaws Bear Grass Subalpine Cat’s Ears Late July is a phenomenal time to visit Paradise Park on the the southwest slopes of Mt Hood, nestled up on fingers of meadows stretching out from the forest between the Paradise Branch of the Sandy River and the Zigzag River.Continue reading “Paradise Park Mt Hood Flowers”

Badger Creek and the Divide Trail

Badger Creek and the Divide Trail Starting in the afternoon at High Prairie on the northwest corner of the Badger Creek Wilderness within Mt. Hood National Forest, I set out on foot down the rocky Bennet Pass Rd, the historic route now 4×4 route that runs along the west boundary of the wilderness. There wereContinue reading “Badger Creek and the Divide Trail”

Timberline Trail Loop

Timberline Trail Loop 2021 Note: If you haven’t yet heard about the alterations to the route neccesary this year due to the destruction of trail above the Muddy Fork, visit this Detour Information Page Timberline Trail Detour July 7, 2021 With significantly lower temperatures, and even some clouds in the forecast, on Tuesday evening IContinue reading “Timberline Trail Loop”

Badger Creek Wilderness, Jordan Creek and Points Between

Badger Creek Wilderness, Jordan Creek, and Points Between Continuing to explore the eastern side of Mt Hood National Forest, today I pieced together 26 miles of roads ranging from pavement to decommissioned and nearly overgrown, trails both well taken care of and nearly forgotten, and off trail peak wandering. I started by exploring an oldContinue reading “Badger Creek Wilderness, Jordan Creek and Points Between”

The Eastern Reaches of Mt Hood National Forest

The Eastern Reaches of Mt Hood National Forest On the tail end of a period of hot spring weather in the valley, the far eastern reaches of the Mt Hood National Forest is a pleasant place to be where higher elevations drop the temperature and flowers are in bloom. The area east of Surveyors RidgeContinue reading “The Eastern Reaches of Mt Hood National Forest”