James Wilson

Welcome to my site highlighting my cartographic work. My Portfolio is divided into Map Galleries highlighting different modes of my map making and accessible following the link boxes below on the left side of the page, with the greatest amount of my professional work contained within the Trail and Feature maps, my focus ands specialty.


I've also included some links to blog posts from my website's blog that highlight some of cartographic adventuring and design, as well as some beginners tutorials I constructed.


Thank you for visiting, enjoy, and I am reachable at for any inquiries.

Map Portfolios

Galleries highlighting examples of my work

Cartographic Adventures

Blog Posts highlighting the process and results of my cartography


Mapping the Timberline Trail


Utilizing Lidar in Mapping Trails


Wizard Way, New Meadows Trails


These are guides that I have created to help new users advance their GIS skills.


James Wilson

Thank you for visiting my cartography portfolio. I hope you enjoy exploring my work and creations.

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