Beautiful Benson Plateau and Beyond

Beautiful Benson Plateau and Beyond A fantastic loop exploration from the river to the top of the Columbia River Gorge It’s been nearly 2 years since I first explored the grand loop in the Columbia River Gorge that utilizes the Pacific Crest Trail and the iconic Eagle Creek Trail, climbing from the base of theContinue reading “Beautiful Benson Plateau and Beyond”

To The Pinnacle

To The Pinnacle My goal for the the day was to trek up the Elk Cove Trail now that the road to access the trailhead has been reopened after having washed by the Eliot Branch and check on snow levels around the Timberline Trail. Starting near mid-day it was a warm slow trek up throughContinue reading “To The Pinnacle”

Fall Hiking to Clear Lake

When I emerged out of the forest onto the shores of Clear Lake, a dense heavy cloud layer hung low like a weighted blanket over the steely lake imparting a dense stillness and silence. Just a whisper of wind brought waves to up against the shore. The area is a reservoir, not a natural lake,Continue reading “Fall Hiking to Clear Lake”

Mt. St. Helens Crater Rim

The Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is one of my favorite areas to explore. Wandering through the blast zone almost forty years since the north face collapsed and the volcano erupted the themes of devastation and rebirth abound. The area hosts a unique view at the wildness left in the world. A chance toContinue reading “Mt. St. Helens Crater Rim”

The Zigzag Loop

I’d been looking at this route through the mountains west of Mt Hood as an opportunity to experience the full length of the Zig Zag Mountain Trail without having to double back on any of the trail. The return length of the loop would follow roads and the Pioneer Bridle Trail for a less interesting,Continue reading “The Zigzag Loop”

Horseshoe Ridge in the Clouds

Horseshoe Ridge rises up from the flats around the Sandy River, climbing up to meet the Zigzag mountain range west of Mt. Hood. The top of the ridge is a rocky boulder pile of a summit covered in beargrass and blueberries. There is a gorgeous open grassy viewpoint just south on the Zigzag Mountain TrailContinue reading “Horseshoe Ridge in the Clouds”

Catalpa Lake and Beyond

Catalpa Lake is a short hike of less than a mile to a secluded lake south of Mt Hood and east of Frog Lake Butte. From Cedar Burn Rd which connects Highway 26 with SR48 along the White River, take NF2610 north, continuing straight onto less developed road when the road curves and after 2.3Continue reading “Catalpa Lake and Beyond”