Adding New Fonts

Interested in adding some more variety to the font choices in ArcGIS Pro, Microsoft Word, or any of your system software? Google Fonts has over one thousand free fonts available, and an easy way to preview your text to help you pick the perfect font.

How to Add Google Fonts!

  • First, head to Google Fonts by following the button above.

Google Fonts allows you to search for a particular font, or in the "Sentence" box type the phrase or words you are looking to display, and those words and punctuation will be displayed in all the font styles below. You can scroll through them to browse or narrow down the categories, for example, to choose only Sans Serif or Handwriting style fonts, as well as languages, or sort by properties such as slant or thickness to help narrow your search.

When you find one you like, simply click on it's box.


Clicking on the font box opens a page with more details such as designer credits, a view of all the glyphs packaged with the font, and License information. Most of the fonts are free to use under the Open Font License.  To begin downloading the font to your system, click the "Download Family" button in the upper right corner. This will start the download of the font as a .zip file into your computer's Downloads Folder.  Access it there, or from your browser when the download is complete.


Select a Destination to Extract the files.   Click Extract and the folder will be unzipped.

Go to the file folder where you saved the font, and then double click to open the .ttf file.

The TrueType font file will open up, which shows the font characters and a cascading increase of the standard sentence in increasingly large size. In the upper left there are two buttons: "Print" and "Install", click on install, which will load the font onto your system.



You now have a new font to use!

*If you have any programs running you will need to close them and reopen them to refresh the fonts.*