The Eastern Reaches of Mt Hood National Forest

The Eastern Reaches of Mt Hood National Forest On the tail end of a period of hot spring weather in the valley, the far eastern reaches of the Mt Hood National Forest is a pleasant place to be where higher elevations drop the temperature and flowers are in bloom. The area east of Surveyors RidgeContinue reading “The Eastern Reaches of Mt Hood National Forest”

Fall Hiking to Clear Lake

When I emerged out of the forest onto the shores of Clear Lake, a dense heavy cloud layer hung low like a weighted blanket over the steely lake imparting a dense stillness and silence. Just a whisper of wind brought waves to up against the shore. The area is a reservoir, not a natural lake,Continue reading “Fall Hiking to Clear Lake”

The Zigzag Loop

I’d been looking at this route through the mountains west of Mt Hood as an opportunity to experience the full length of the Zig Zag Mountain Trail without having to double back on any of the trail. The return length of the loop would follow roads and the Pioneer Bridle Trail for a less interesting,Continue reading “The Zigzag Loop”

Horseshoe Ridge in the Clouds

Horseshoe Ridge rises up from the flats around the Sandy River, climbing up to meet the Zigzag mountain range west of Mt. Hood. The top of the ridge is a rocky boulder pile of a summit covered in beargrass and blueberries. There is a gorgeous open grassy viewpoint just south on the Zigzag Mountain TrailContinue reading “Horseshoe Ridge in the Clouds”

Catalpa Lake and Beyond

Catalpa Lake is a short hike of less than a mile to a secluded lake south of Mt Hood and east of Frog Lake Butte. From Cedar Burn Rd which connects Highway 26 with SR48 along the White River, take NF2610 north, continuing straight onto less developed road when the road curves and after 2.3Continue reading “Catalpa Lake and Beyond”

Barlow Butte and the Barlow Road

On the list of forgotten trails of Mt. Hood National Forest, the length of the Barlow Butte Trail #670 is up there on the list. It’s a shame, because it can make up half of a great loop by using the scenic Barlow Road as a return. The first half is quite the adventure upContinue reading “Barlow Butte and the Barlow Road”

Beyond Lamberson Spur

Hiking from Highway 35 to the Timberline Trail This is an epic loop around the east side of Mt. Hood, climbing 4500 feet up to the Timberline Trail from Highway 35 through some punishing yet scenic off trail terrain. It follows the Lamberson Spur Trail till its unceremonious terminus amongst the ruins of the 2008Continue reading “Beyond Lamberson Spur”

The Timberline Trail

In about 42 miles the Timberline Trail encircles Mt Hood, following the contours of each of its major drainage’s. It is an exercise in gaining elevation and then loosing it again to cross the next river, over and over again. It is soft, needle covered forest trail, sandy, rocky, ash covered trail. It is yawningContinue reading “The Timberline Trail”

Along the Eliot West Moraine

To get a really good sense of the power and movement of the glaciers that shaped the area around Mt Hood, a hike along the Eliot West Moraine is a treat. It’s not hard to imagine the Eliot glacier filling the expansive valley, churning the rock below and pushing up the great behemoth gravel morainesContinue reading “Along the Eliot West Moraine”

Sunset over Little Zigzag

Little Zig Zag Loop. Looking to take advantage of a sunny afternoon after work, we headed to Mt Hood for a short hike that would guarantee some sunset views. From the Timberline Lodge Trail-head we followed the Timberline Trail East behind the lodge for the 2.4 miles it takes to get to the Zigag CanyonContinue reading “Sunset over Little Zigzag”