Late July on the Timberline Trail

Late July on the Timberline Trail Overlooking the Sandy River and Paradise Branch It’s been twenty days since I took the Timberline Trail around Mt Hood, and there have been some welcome transformations on the trail since. The patches of snow across stretches of the trail in the north have melted away save one smallContinue reading “Late July on the Timberline Trail”

Timberline Trail Loop

Timberline Trail Loop 2021 Note: If you haven’t yet heard about the alterations to the route neccesary this year due to the destruction of trail above the Muddy Fork, visit this Detour Information Page Timberline Trail Detour July 7, 2021 With significantly lower temperatures, and even some clouds in the forecast, on Tuesday evening IContinue reading “Timberline Trail Loop”

The Zigzag Loop

I’d been looking at this route through the mountains west of Mt Hood as an opportunity to experience the full length of the Zig Zag Mountain Trail without having to double back on any of the trail. The return length of the loop would follow roads and the Pioneer Bridle Trail for a less interesting,Continue reading “The Zigzag Loop”

Polallie Ridge to Cooper Spur returning via Tilly Jane Trail

I love loop like hikes. I’ll often add extra distance, or hike along roads to turn an out and back trip into a circuit. Usually it works great and the pay off in extra scenery and new trail is worth it. Sometimes it doesn’t, and this was one of those. On the map the PolallieContinue reading “Polallie Ridge to Cooper Spur returning via Tilly Jane Trail”