Mapping the Timberline Trail

Mapping the Timberline Trail James Wilson An exploration of my personal journey leading to mapping the Timberline Trail around Mount Hood and forming Elevation Changes Cartographic Visit the Elevation Changes Cartographic Map Store follow /elevationchanges on instragram for updates and mountain photos My first encounter with the Timberline Trail was on a fall trip toContinue reading “Mapping the Timberline Trail”

To The Pinnacle

To The Pinnacle My goal for the the day was to trek up the Elk Cove Trail now that the road to access the trailhead has been reopened after having washed by the Eliot Branch and check on snow levels around the Timberline Trail. Starting near mid-day it was a warm slow trek up throughContinue reading “To The Pinnacle”

Coe Glacier as Winter Draws Near

Coe Glacier as Winter Draws Near With significant rain forecast for the northwest, I wanted to get back to the north side of Mt Hood to check out a few areas before more snow fell on the mountain. On this sunny morning at Cloud Cap Saddle, the outside temperatures were just a bit above freezingContinue reading “Coe Glacier as Winter Draws Near”

Seeking Glacier Terminuses

Seeking Glacier Terminuses and exploring Moraines There are few places as dynamic to witness the geomorphology of the planet than the ends of great glaciers and the moraines they have left behind. After climbing up to the Timberline Trail on the north side of Mt Hood via a misty Vista Ridge Trail, I left theContinue reading “Seeking Glacier Terminuses”

Late July on the Timberline Trail

Late July on the Timberline Trail Overlooking the Sandy River and Paradise Branch It’s been twenty days since I took the Timberline Trail around Mt Hood, and there have been some welcome transformations on the trail since. The patches of snow across stretches of the trail in the north have melted away save one smallContinue reading “Late July on the Timberline Trail”

Timberline Trail Loop

Timberline Trail Loop 2021 Note: If you haven’t yet heard about the alterations to the route neccesary this year due to the destruction of trail above the Muddy Fork, visit this Detour Information Page Timberline Trail Detour July 7, 2021 With significantly lower temperatures, and even some clouds in the forecast, on Tuesday evening IContinue reading “Timberline Trail Loop”

The Timberline Trail

In about 42 miles the Timberline Trail encircles Mt Hood, following the contours of each of its major drainage’s. It is an exercise in gaining elevation and then loosing it again to cross the next river, over and over again. It is soft, needle covered forest trail, sandy, rocky, ash covered trail. It is yawningContinue reading “The Timberline Trail”

Along the Eliot West Moraine

To get a really good sense of the power and movement of the glaciers that shaped the area around Mt Hood, a hike along the Eliot West Moraine is a treat. It’s not hard to imagine the Eliot glacier filling the expansive valley, churning the rock below and pushing up the great behemoth gravel morainesContinue reading “Along the Eliot West Moraine”