Timberline National Scenic Trail

Hiking and Backpacking the Mount Hood Loop


June 27, 2022

Current Conditions for 2022

For extensive sections of the trail, especially along the north side, and high eastern snowfields, snowpack many feet deep remains, completely obscuring the trail for long sections, still a much higher than normal level, and a significant impedance to route finding and safe travel.


With the weekend of high temperatures, melt accelerated, putting lots of snow water in the creeks. Note that lots of melt water coming down from sunny slopes above contributes to the hollowing out of snow along creek channels, crossing the trail creating snow bridges over even minor creek crossings that are still covered in snow, where the danger of punching through on these slopes is present.


The road to Cloud Cap Saddle and the campgrounds at Tilly Jane and Cloud Cap Saddle remain closed (gated at the Sno-park), and the campground still under feet of snow.

Evening of June 27, 2022 - The Timberline Trail above Timberline Lodge, 70°


This has been an excellent year for snow on the mountain, which means that much of the route remains, and will remain well into July under snow. This foggy winterscape is from the morning of June 19, 2022, where clouds immersed the trail on the east side of the mountain just below the Copper Spur Shelter on an otherwise sunny day.



Move the Slider back and forth to see the difference in snowmelt over a week.


Cloud Cap Saddle Campground and views on the Timberline Trail nearby. June 19


Read more about conditions and see photos of my June 19, 2022 exploration up to Copper Spur Shelter from Tilly Jane Sno-park


Steady snowpack, looking at the expanse of the mountain from Cooper Spur to Barret Spur

What about the Reroute around the Muddy ForK?

The section of trail between Yocum Ridge Trail No. 771 and the the upper Muddy Fork Crossing remains CLOSED. All hikers, backpackers, and trail runners should take the reroute, until the Forest Service formally announces the reopening of the trail. 


The trail is closed for clearing and reconstruction while trail crews undertake the immense work of restoring the trail, relying on their skills with crosscut saws and hand tools to remove hundreds of logs and rebuild tread as the entire length of the closure is within the Wilderness Area. It is essential that all visitors avoid the section and respect the closure for their own safety, and for the safety of trail workers who may be on site throughout the summer, engaged in complex and dangerous trail work.  Extended snow coverage this year will narrow the window for safe trail work on the section, and respecting the closure and following the detour helps trail workers complete their work.


If you fail in your navigation skills, and find yourself at the closed section, DO NOT press forward into the damaged area, backtrack to the proper route. Several hikers required lengthy search and rescue operations to be extracted from the section in 2021, and again, respect the work and time of our trail workers, and do your part to keep the implementation of further regulations off of the trail.


Forest Service Timberline Trail Status

Timberline Trail Reroute Map

I highly recommend that everyone completing the loop, regardless of heading in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, utilize the Bald Mountain Cutoff Trail and take the Timberline Trail along the south side of Bald Mountain to enjoy the spectacular viewpoints along the trail there.


Trail Closure along Timberline Trail


Timberline Trail Elevation Profile

This Elevation Profile can be utilized for clockwise trips by following left to right, or for counter-clockwise trips by following right to left, observing the gray mileage numbers situated above the axis.


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