Welcome to my website dedicated to exploring our natural areas and public lands. Visit the Elevation Changes Cartographic Map Store for my map products, check out my Explorations Blog to read through past adventures, go straight to Nature Photos to see images of birds, animals, plants, mushrooms, and more, or check out the Timberline Trail page for hiking information and trail status. Thanks for visiting!

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explorations across terrain

Hiking, backpacking, and exploring involve partaking in risk. This map is meant to help planning your experiences, but it is up to individuals to use best judgment and acquire the proper additional knowledge and skills to remain safe. Conditions on trails and roads can change dramatically from year to year and with weather. Unofficial Trails noted on maps are routes well established by users but may see no maintenance and may be more challenging than a maintained trail. Check all campgrounds for potential hazards, especially in inclement weather. Map users are solely responsible for their actions and decisions while using this map, assuming all the risk while referencing and utilizing this map. The map user waives any and all claim of negligence or responsibility for adverse happenings, accidents, or incidents against the map creators and Elevation Changes Cartographic LLC.